Stand Up or Do Not Complain

“Stand Up or Do Not Complain” 

As a resident doing time in a State Correctional Institution at Huntingdon, I do not claim this is my home! Some may ask or think you have been convicted, so until your first opportunity at parole being one’s minimum, this is my residence. My perspective; it is a time share the I occupy only, whether here or at a different facility in the state of Pennsylvania. A biological principle.

       We the population discuss a wide range of things, as do those persons within the communities that we have left behind. We in my opinion—being part of the broken criminal justice system—do not enlighten and advocate through our interactions effectively inside, and upon release to those we come into contact with about that which most outside of these walls do not understand regarding the truth’s of incarceration and criminal justice.

       Without me, our going to community functions—town, civic, city and neighborhood events, church’s, mosque’s social and spiritual gatherings and expressly stimulating dialogue about the plight of those incarcerated by the “unjustice system’s application of laws, I.e. senator’s—House of Representatives—judges—district attorneys with their role in either the passage or application of law, accounting for far to many “wrongful convictions” such as my own! Police and district magistrates are the beginning of this travesty. Lack of funding to the Public Defenders offices when compared to the Prosecutor offices and how this inherently (systematically) sways the balance of how justice is then being administered. We are in and of ourselves a part of the problem however indirectly or not in the collective totality that should not continue, by inaction in our broken criminal justice system and its application.

       If each of us does not bring light to a system that at its worst demonstrates genocide and such heinous disregard for the persons affected by it, either through direct arrest and confinement, or loss of your loved one’s at home. Far to often this is the story of those minorities and our families in society. A form of castration and indoctrination by the taking of usually a male-role presence/model. Hitting hard our children, those that are left to care for them; communities without male population—the family unit lacking direction, finance, character, spiritual direction and discernment and love and guidance decreed by our collective “creator”.

       We; me within the unique experience of being and having gone through the process of arrest, detainment, conviction, time done and possible parole and/or even the overturning of convictions which include lifers. We are the people who have this experience to shine the light about our situations that society has far too often had a perspective that’s not complete, honest, accurate in portrayal!

       There’s so much more each of use; me, can and should be doing!


Douglas Smith, DG2829

1100 Pike Street

SCI-Huntingdon 16654-1112

Wrongfully convicted and innocent of all charges