A statement for the March to Harrisburg

First of all, I want to commend everyone in attendance for their commitment, passion and humanity. The new prisons being built represent so much more than prison expansion and all of you realize that. This understanding is represented here, today, in a show of force demonstrating that there are people in our society who care about each other, who recognize corporate government, who know that building prisons aren’t the answer to many of the problems within our society and criminal justice society.

Unfortunately, many of our fellow citizens are unaware of the ramifications of these type of decisions (building new prisons). However, with your effort perhaps other people will be made aware and inspired to do what you have done AND been doing. All of you have inspired me and although I am unable to be with you physically, I am with you in spirit, cause and demonstration. This letter is a remonstration against the building of new prisons, but also, the building of new prisons anywhere. I hope that by reading these words you can feel my presence  amongst you and as if I were there standing in front of you saying these words, words that motivate me and keep me centered; change does not come without inconvenience, even from worse to better.

Remain steadfast in your efforts and continue this much needed work. Your brother in Peace and Justice,

Marco “Mu” Maldonado