Police brutalityBy Ernest R. Morris

Dear Community:

I would like to personally thank those of you who are making a conscious effort to resurrect those of us who are buried in these concrete tombs. For those in the community who are not participating in the revival of men, women and children outcasted from society, I urge you to take some time to educate yourselves on the matter and please get involved in whatever way possible because your effort or idea could be the one that changes everything.

The latest example in New York City of professional tennis player James Blake getting roughed up by none other than “the boys in blue” serves as a perfect example/reminder of how not only are cops often wrong, but so are “eye witnesses.”

Please take note of what the police did as soon as the story received national attention. They point the finger at the mysterious “eye witness.” Deflect. Where is the accountability? What about accepting responsibility? You know, all the things they expect from the people who make mistakes, bad decisions, or break their insurmountable laws.

To my knowledge, this “eye witness” has never come forward and said he told authorities Mr. Blake looked like a suspect of any crime. Yet the commissioner of NYC gets on national tel-lie-vision and communicates to the public that Mr. Blake could pass for the split image of the “suspect” – they could be twins. Really? Where’s the side by side photo (you know how they do). At least show proof before you expect the people to fall for that charade. So DISRESPECTFUL. If you can bluff ‘em, you can beat ‘em, huh?

I bet when Mr. Blake planned his trip to the U.S. Open, becoming an inadvertent advocate against police brutality was not on his itinerary. That’s why I would like to take this time to remind, motivate, or urge everyone to stay engaged in the flight because as cliché as it may sound, police brutality can befall you as well as your loved ones.

What we do know in talking about police encounters is: some survive and some don’t. Those who happen to survive are never the same afterward. That’s fact. Authorities either want to take your life or break your spirit, forcing individuals to choose between the two evils. What does a nation look like when all who inhabit it are either dead or broken? Dare I say Dark.

Who are you?

Yours truly,

Ernest R. Morris #JJ1120
SCI Coal Township
1 Kelley Drive
Coal Township, PA 17866