Support from Coal Township

There was a motion in our Triumph organization here at the institution to donate $500 to your organization. It was denied by the administration, stating that you were not on our approved vendor list. They went on to say Decarcerate PA is not only trying to Decarcerate PA, they said your organization is anti-jails.

That goes to show you how self-centered these people here truly are. What your organization is doing shouldn’t be taken personally. I guess you know that every inmate who supports or communicates with you is labeled. It does not matter to me and I will continue to communicate and support what you are trying to do. I will discuss with some of the guys about trying to assist with the expansion of your membership. We need all of the support we can get. The  people we are dealing with have the mindset of “Them against the World.” If you don’t support their agenda then you become an enemy of the state. This whole concept has been taken out of context long ago. It takes organizations like yours to shine light in the darkest corners, because our taxpayers have been duped into thinking that this system of ours is just. Please continue to keep the glow flowing throughout our society?

Thank you,

Lewis Wright
SCI Coal Township