by Dortell Williams

In any profession, credibility is paramount. As a critical thinking society we are on the lookout for the fruition of promises. We watch carefully at policy to test its effectiveness. We want results.

Yet there’s a pattern afoot that seems wholly contrary to our expectations. Consider: They said white women and slaves could not vote. These two classes didn’t have the capacity, and so were denied the right. Then after much blood and suffrage, respectively, the Eighth and Nineteenth Amendments proved them wrong.

Thereafter women were prohibited from eight-hour shifts, told their bodies were not designed for such stress. Today, some women work two jobs! Obviously, they were wrong. Blacks were presented as inferior on the basis of the pseudo-science, phrenology. This bunk science purported that the black cranium was smaller, and therefore could not compute to the degree of whites. They were wrong. That fiction debunked, they then claimed that blacks could not play the quarterback position because, again, the black brain could not ingest the play routes. Joe Gillium, the first black quarterback in 1972 proved them...indubitably wrong! And in 1988, Doug Williams was the first black quarterback to earn Washington the coveted Superbowl.

They called Native Americans “primitive” and “savages,” despite the fact that they lived in virtual peace, and were some of the best environmentalist the world over, and cultivated cultures that endured for centuries. On the other hand, they...these elite, the politicians, the powers-that-be, wage war continuously, are responsible for more blood-shed on earth than any other nation (America is the number one arms dealer on the planet), with penal policies that incarcerate more people today, than slavery could ever shackle in its heyday. Try over seven million, a year! They are wrong.

Contemporary Americans, hopelessly and chemically dependent on drugs, from cocaine to prescription pain pills, are haplessly tossed on a conveyor belt through the misnomer -- the correctional system -- issues never addressed, and sent back into society, worse off than going in. And we wonder why they recidivate. This is so wrong.

Today women are repressed in corporate America, paid less than men for the same day’s work, and forced to pay taxes on toiletries not levied on men. They are wrong.

Now they claim those sentenced to life without the possibility of parole are wholly incorrigible. Though they prohibit these same souls from ever demonstrating whether they have rehabilitated or not.

They are...without question, no doubt, emphatically wrong!

Dortell Williams
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