Trump Vs. Clinton

by Termaine Saulsbury

November 16, 2016

Criminal choices of a criminal system. Hillary Clinton is a repeat war criminal, Donald Trump is a fascist monster. The system and the candidates’ campaigns, cover up their real crimes. When they debate and criticize each other, it’s within the system’s framework. Did Hillary Clinton’s emails really hurt U.S. imperialism? Were Donald Trump’s business practices good or bad capitalism? It’s not for me to give you the answers or try to persuade anybody. I’m just speaking facts. Accepting the framework and choices dictated by this system and choosing the “lesser evil” only leads to Greater evil. Don’t be complicit, Hillary Clinton is not the answer to Trump’s fascism. Mass resistance to the system’s outrages, especially as part of fighting the power, and transforming the people, for a better change worldwide will make the situation better, regardless of who wins the system election.

Termaine Saulsbury
# GP3965
SCI Greene
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