I protest my innocence every time

In any place and in every way

Not because of the life without parole sentence

Nor because I care what you think or say

I do it because it’s the truth of the matter

Plain and simple

Not to compel, persuade nor convince people, nay

Not for empathy, sympathy nor moral support, nay

Innocence emits its own light, shines bright night and day

Beyond the court of public sentiment I lay

Truth, truth, truth, my heart beats truth

Care not who what when come what may

Truth truth truth. My heart beats truth

Black lies, white lies and liars destroy lives

Here I lie product of these lies waiting to die

Truth truth truth, my heart beats truth

Let my actual innocence be my legacy

Take it or leave it, reject it or believe it

Truth stands on its own, alone

Indestructible and immutable

Thus I bequeath to posterity forsooth

Truth truth truth, my heart beats truth


Written by: Trevor Mattis, BH 3126